Celebrate Your Life by Rewriting It.

Mom, Lenice Ruth Keele Chambers, was 28 when I (then known as Stinky) was born. Look at my huge head. Ha ha!

On my bedside table is fresh-off-the-press book, mine, with a page earmarked for easy access. This page is a memory of my mother, my always there, steadfast, funny, creative, exacting mother. When I read it (and reread it) she comes alive. I cry but then my heart swells as I hear her knitting needles, smell her cookies, see her twinkling eyes whenever they meet mine.

I encourage you to share your life. Whatever that might mean for you. Maybe it’s a book but maybe it’s a collection of essays, scenes from your life. Maybe it’s just talking about your life with someone who treasures you.

I put together a few prompts to help you celebrate your life—YOUR precious life:

Celebrate Your Life by Rewriting It.

Begin with a picture of yourself before you have any memory of yourself. Imagine what the people who care for you are saying, doing, wearing, smelling. Are they touching you? What’s your VERY FIRST memory?

Select a picture of yourself on your first day of elementary school. Write a report to your parents from your teacher. Are you shy or extremely expressive? What classmates do you remember and why?

Create metaphors to describe your emotions as a teenager. Did you have a “plan” for your future? 

Over twenty-five years old. Describe yourself in your grade school voice. Detail your life’s impactful events. Then write a scene with your twenty-five-and-over adult voice. Is your memoir’s slice of life during this period? Include all the senses—you can edit later.

Over fifty years old. Step outside of yourself and celebrate your constant soul. Would you spend your life with yourself again? What is the message about your life that is universal—bigger than your life—that will help others?

Visit your photo albums or draw new pictures. 

Kiss yourself. Be courageous.


LOVE and lots of it,

MOI (Belynda) Author, Beauty Queen Blues 

BelyndaChambers@gmail.com @ChambersBelynda.com

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Mary, Chris, me (Stinky), and Connie in Daytona Beach. Check out the body language. This picture has a thousand stories (and secrets).

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