Your Spice of the Day

Inspired by Joanne…image

Here’s your spice of the day…

“Laughter” It comes in five different colors but the flavor is relatively consistent.

Yellow, Daffodil, Tweetie (as in Bird), Big (as in Bird), and Pee (as in I just wet my pants because you made me laugh so much). Oh, and do NOT forget — Sunshine. So there must be more than six flavors. Oh, but then there’s Duckling. And Lemon. And Curry.

You can see where this is going.

Hope you’re smiling because you have a heart that lights up the room.

Must be honey, yes?

Sun Rise or Sun Set

Once I was on a TV shoot in LA and we shot at sunset. The commercial was about a construction guy. He happened to be in some really great fringed, short denim cut-offs which revealed tanned quadriceps, but I am sidetracked, sorry. Anyhow, this construction hunk was going to work at sunrise for his long day of drilling, sawing and well, creating things. I thought it was critical that the filming captured the sun exactly as it was a fake sunrise. After watching the genius film director, it became clear that he was shooting the commercial backwards.

When I woke up today, I kind of felt like that – backwards. Not physically. I did put my feet solidly on the floor and walked forward to let Lucy, our rescue lover dog, out. I French-pressed the coffee and headed upstairs to wake my daughter (fifteen) so she could drive. And then I turned on the Christmas tree lights and paused to eye hug all the family photos that decorate it. The little folks are now big. There were some big folks that are now little. And there are a few pets and parents that are angels now. I felt like my life was shot frame by frame backwards. 

Until now, I thought that somehow it was my job to restructure my life into some sort of epic meaning. When all along, all I needed to do was to show up with my whole being. And sometimes, just turn around.

If you are reading, I am happy to be conversing with you. Chambers Life is about inspiring you to thrive. I am completing certification as a Duke Integrative Health Coach and will be coaching in the spring. It’s exciting sacred work, your life. I hope I am privileged to be a partner with you.