COME! You want to bring everyone you love! No kidding! 
Who am I? The universal question huh? 
I am a creative yogi now a certified Duke Integrative Medicine (Health/Life/Creativity) Coach and Chopra trained yoga/meditation/Ayurveda instructor who loves anything French. I am an artist; writer who assists folks in writing memoir, poetry, fiction, songs; a chef trained in Australia; a lover of all things to do with life Mostly, I am a lot of fun (really) and want everyone to have the time of their lives!
Le Vieux is the highlight of every place I have ever been in my life. I am organizing a trip for June 16-26, 2017. It will be a Creative Adventure exploring the Dordogne, sketching and watercoloring French villages with me, writing memoir and poetry, discovering spices at the markets and savoring them later, dancing and eating the most amazing meals. You can do what YOU want. 
I have to say this is a blessed place because well, it is. 
Includes tours to villages, markets and heritage sites.
Instruction in yoga (Chair yoga is offered as well.) Fabulous walks, hikes, etc.
Watercolor, writing, cooking, etc will be offered al carte on site at $25/hour.
OR no instruction. Each day will have a menu for you to
explore France and your creative or whatever urges. 
All Inclusive except air fare from your home to Toulouse Airport and a few meals when we are out. Includes transfers from Toulouse Airport, all breakfasts, 8 lunches and dinners. Local wines with dinner. Most rooms are private but are offered as available as reservations are confirmed. First Come first choice for rooms. Kindly be flexible.
I have designed this MAGICAL trip to The Dordogne FRANCE to be close to my cost. I decided to offer art, writing, cooking, Ayurveda etc lessons a la carte at $25/hour – pay as you go and decide there. So the pricing comes in at $2500 for 10 days. This is based on the current Euro exchange rate so it might go up a bit.  
We always have fun. The sun and stars here are magical. The sights, delightful.
The smells, divine. The sounds are simple – silence and church bells. The feeling of
being cared for completely is real. Oh, and don’t forget Corrine’s delicious cuisine!
Kindly share with all of your friends.      
Fraysinet B  jpeg

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